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You can process payroll on your own schedule and complete special check runs like commissions or bonuses without worrying about extra charges. Harmony Roze Payroll gives you the flexibility to complete as many separate payroll runs as needed.

You can define all steps in the payroll process to reflect your unique business requirements and workflows. Import employee hours or synchronize with Harmony Roze Time Keeping.  Run as many reports as needed — Payroll Register, Labor Distribution, General Ledger, and more — before finalizing and submitting payroll to help ensure accurate results. And receive alerts throughout the process to flag issues and reduce errors.


Harmony Roze Payroll’s year-end processing helps your organization close out the tax year in compliance to avoid fines and penalties. It accurately completes gross-to-net calculations and provides all the information you need to complete and file taxes. Easily create the standard annual reporting forms needed to meet IRS requirements. Receive automatic legislative updates, including the latest tax tables, to make sure employee withholdings are always accurate. And use the general ledger (GL) interface to export payroll information to your accounting system in the proper GL format.


Harmony Roze lets you pay employees using their preferred method. Make direct deposits using a simple ACH export file or print checks in-house with speed and ease.


Perfect Paycheck Analysis provides an at-a-glance summary of your total payroll liability, a comparison of this week’s total payroll to the previous week’s, and a rolling 12-month view trending total labor and expense changes. This report helps ensure calculation of the perfect paycheck, while offering insights to inform next year’s budget planning.

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