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Talent Acquisition Features Sheet

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Harmony Roze walks you through the process of defining the number of openings available, pre-populating the job description and requirements from the job record, and editing the text, if needed. You can sort job requisitions into date order and monitor approval status to help keep the recruiting process moving forward.


Harmony Roze Talent Acquisition enables your organization to create a careers webpage that reinforces your corporate brand and make it easy for candidates to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online.

You can also post listings to more than 8,000 free job boards to expand your candidate reach. What’s more, you can use heat maps to better understand characteristics about your existing workforce, such as turnover, and focus recruiting efforts on best-fit candidates.


Applicants can easily navigate configurable job applications — in their language of choice — with standard or custom fields that can be marked as optional or required. You can even include customized messages to help guide candidates as they complete the online application process.


FOCUS ON BEST-FIT CANDIDATES by asking pre-screening questions in online applications and leveraging data about your existing workforce to make better hiring decisions. Harmony Roze Talent Acquisition helps you define, track, and manage stages or steps in the hiring process.


Selecting the “hire this applicant” option in the talent acquisition module automatically triggers a workflow that moves all applicant information and associated documentation — from reference and background checks to WOTC status and offer letters — into the new employee record within the HR module.


Today’s candidates expect a job-seeking experience that is simple, convenient, and optimized for mobile. With Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition, you can enable candidates to search, view, and apply for open positions directly from their mobile devices.

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