Time & Scheduling for Hospitality

Accurate Time Keeping

The Harmony Roze time solution automatically captures labor information from a wide variety of data collection sources, including the Kronos In Touch® timeclock, web entry, telephony, and mobile applications. And logging time across multiple cost centers is not a problem!


Implement staffing schedules that tightly align with operational goals. Harmony Roze makes it simple to assign daily , weekly , or configurable patterns to schedules. For flexibility and convenience, you can assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees, view preferences, make adjustments on the fly , and give employees access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock.

Leave & Time Off

Get a time-off calendar that provides at-a-glance visibility into which employees are off and when. Alerts, notifications, and reporting keep managers up to date on PTO balances and usage so they can minimize the impact of absences.

Manager's Experience

Managers can easily enforce absence-related policies, including federal, state, union and organization regulations.  Harmony Roze automatically notifies managers when employees attempt to exceed established point thresholds to help ensure compliance.  Hamony Roze makes it simple to confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and any other configurable criteria.

Employee's Experience

For organizations with a dispersed or mobile workforce, Harmony Roze offers a mobile app with geographic punch restrictions and a telephony option that captures employee time data via a landline or mobile phone. Employees may clock in and out for shifts or meals and perform shift swaps using an intuitive web-based interface.

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