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With Harmony Roze Core HR
You get a unified database to store and track all employee data in one location, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry, data inconsistency, and risk of non-compliance.

Core HR Feature Sheet

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Discover Benefits of the Core HR Module

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Access all of your organizations employee data in one unified view with one source of truth for the Analytics engine.  The simplicity of working on one unified platform through Harmony Roze means your teams can seamlessly manage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire.

You and your teams are now able to leverage the data and assist in making better-informed workforce decision.


Our built-in analytics tools make it easy to access the day-to-day, tactical data you need to effectively manage employees.  Even more important, this data can fuel your long-term workforce strategies with emerging trends and predictive forecasts revealed through a powerful combination of configurable metrics and intuitive, AI-generated alerts.


Harmony Roze gives employees on-demand access to payroll information, including pay stubs and earning histories, through an easy-to-use mobile app and online self-service tools. Self-service also lets employees change direct deposit details, update W-4 forms, and even print W-2 forms. These tools empower employees to find and update information on their own so overworked HR and payroll administrators can focus on other tasks.

Time, Attendance & Scheduling


Simplify Life!
Do away with the tedious and annoying tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Harmony Roze Timekeeping Solution helps you engage your workforce as you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Discover Benefits of our Time & Attendance Module

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CAPTURE ACCURATE TIMEKEEPING DATA from time clocks, the web, and mobile sources.  Harmony Roze Time Solution automatically captures labor information from a wide variety of data collection sources, including the Kronos In Touch® timeclock, web entry, telephony, and mobile applications.  Logging time to multiple cost centers is not a problem!


IMPLEMENT SCHEDULES that tightly align staffing with operational goals.  Harmony Roze Time Zone makes it simple to assign daily , weekly , or  configurable patterns to schedules. For flexibility and convenience, you can assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees, view preferences, make adjustments on the fly , and give employees access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock.


The Harmony Roze time-of calendar provides at-a-glance visibility into  which employees are of and when.Alerts, notifications, and reporting keep managers up to date on PTO management so they can minimize the impact of absences.

The system automatically updates employee attendance points/occurrences to reflect the accurate balance, with no manual intervention required, giving managers immediate visibility into current status.  The Harmony Roze Accruals module calculates accrued time of based on an employee’s performance/attendance points.


Managers can easily enforce absence-related policies, including federal, state, and organization regulations. Hamony Roze makes it simple to confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and any other configurable criteria. Harmony Roze automatically notifies managers when employees attempt to exceed established point thresholds to help ensure compliance.


For organizations with a dispersed or mobile workforce, Workforce Ready ofers a mobile app with geographic punch restrictions and a telephony option that captures employee time data via a landline or mobile phone.  Employees may clock in and out for shifts or meals and perform shift swaps using an intuitive web-based interface.

Time & Attendance Feature Sheet

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Time Attendance Features Sheet

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TimeKeeping Features Sheet

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Applicant Tracking / Recruiting


Acquire Talent Effectively.
Harmony Roze provides an easy-to-use experience for candidates and hiring managers. Our automated solution helps you recruit, screen, track, and hire, and on-board best-fit candidates so that you may build a more engaged and productive workforce.

Talent Acquisition Feature Sheet

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Talent Acquisition Features Sheet

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HR Core Feature Sheet

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Discover Benefits of our Recruiting and On-Boarding Features

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Harmony Roze walks you through the process of defining the number of openings available, pre-populating the job description and requirements from the job record, and editing the text, if needed. You can sort job requisitions into date order and monitor approval status to help keep the recruiting process moving forward.


Harmony Roze Talent Acquisition enables your organization to create a careers webpage that reinforces your corporate brand and make it easy for candidates to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online.

You can also post listings to more than 8,000 free job boards to expand your candidate reach. What’s more, you can use heat maps to better understand characteristics about your existing workforce, such as turnover, and focus recruiting efforts on best-fit candidates.


Applicants can easily navigate configurable job applications — in their language of choice — with standard or custom fields that can be marked as optional or required. You can even include customized messages to help guide candidates as they complete the online application process.


FOCUS ON BEST-FIT CANDIDATES by asking pre-screening questions in online applications and leveraging data about your existing workforce to make better hiring decisions. Harmony Roze Talent Acquisition helps you define, track, and manage stages or steps in the hiring process.


Selecting the “hire this applicant” option in the talent acquisition module automatically triggers a workflow that moves all applicant information and associated documentation — from reference and background checks to WOTC status and offer letters — into the new employee record within the HR module.


Today’s candidates expect a job-seeking experience that is simple, convenient, and optimized for mobile. With Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition, you can enable candidates to search, view, and apply for open positions directly from their mobile devices.

Performance Management


Identify and Develop Top Talent
Enable your managers to continuously monitor employee goals and deliver ongoing feedback. Layer on Harmony Roze Succession Planning tools to help you build talent pools for the future.

Discover Benefits of the Harmony Roze Performance Management

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With Hamony Roze Performance module, your organization can define corporate-level goals that cascade down to groups and individual employees, which in turn aligns the entire organization on a common vision. Harmony Roze Performance development tools provide managers with immediate visibility of goal status and performance for individual employees throughout the year.

You are able to tie employee weighted goals into a formal preview process or you can use the performance development tools separately to identify and manage specific outcomes, nurture progress, and recognize achievements.

With at-a-glance visibility into goals, managers are better able to initiate communications with employees and provide ongoing feedback for improved engagement and development.


Harmony Roze Performance module lets you define unlimited organization, department, and job-specific review profiles. You can create specific criteria for evaluation using your choice of numerical or weighted scale ratings.  You can also specify whether self-rating is part of the review process. Configure visibility rules for ratings, comments, and summaries. Even define competencies and assign them to individual employees and jobs.

Complete, accurate employee information helps drive more effective performance management. Our embedded analytics tools provide at-a-glance employee information so you can leverage attendance, absence, productivity, and safety violation data for more objective, fact-based reviews.


Track employee skills and certifications with customizable reports that show who needs training and when.  You are able to define training courses, assign employees, and track completion. You can even schedule internal classes, monitor open seats, and report on employee participation and results.


Harmony Roze has a built-in Merit Matrix which makes it easy to establish guidelines for awarding pay increases based on the correlation between performance rating and pay grade segment so you can make fair, equitable compensation decisions.


Interactive succession planning charts and graphs help you develop a talent pipeline and build bench strength with employees who have the current skills and potential that demonstrate their ability to move up in an organization or on to other positions.

With Harmony Roze you are able to build and maintain talent pools by reviewing skills and competencies required for key positions, and identifying potential employees for development. With visual representation of employee performance and potential along with other key categories, you can easily drag and drop employees across user-defined talent pools. Identify and understand the developmental needs of employees and ensure that all key employees understand their career paths and the roles they are being developed to fill,

Performance Management Feature Sheet

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Performance Management Feature Sheet

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Process Perfect Payroll!
Identify issues and collaborate with workflows and email alerts that flag issues so that you avoid inevitable payroll issues.

Payroll Feature Sheet

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Payroll Feature Sheet

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Discover Benefits of Harmony Roze Payroll

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You can process payroll on your own schedule and complete special check runs like commissions or bonuses without worrying about extra charges. Harmony Roze Payroll gives you the flexibility to complete as many separate payroll runs as needed.

You can define all steps in the payroll process to reflect your unique business requirements and workflows. Import employee hours or synchronize with Harmony Roze Time Keeping.  Run as many reports as needed — Payroll Register, Labor Distribution, General Ledger, and more — before finalizing and submitting payroll to help ensure accurate results. And receive alerts throughout the process to flag issues and reduce errors.


Harmony Roze Payroll’s year-end processing helps your organization close out the tax year in compliance to avoid fines and penalties. It accurately completes gross-to-net calculations and provides all the information you need to complete and file taxes. Easily create the standard annual reporting forms needed to meet IRS requirements. Receive automatic legislative updates, including the latest tax tables, to make sure employee withholdings are always accurate. And use the general ledger (GL) interface to export payroll information to your accounting system in the proper GL format.


Harmony Roze lets you pay employees using their preferred method. Make direct deposits using a simple ACH export file or print checks in-house with speed and ease.


Perfect Paycheck Analysis provides an at-a-glance summary of your total payroll liability, a comparison of this week’s total payroll to the previous week’s, and a rolling 12-month view trending total labor and expense changes. This report helps ensure calculation of the perfect paycheck, while offering insights to inform next year’s budget planning.

Compliance & Risk Management


Compliance Tasks?….Done!
Integrated tools across timekeeping, HR, and payroll support proactive management of ACA compliance strategy and IRS reporting.

Discover Benefits of Harmony Roze Compliance Solution

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Proactively manage your ACA compliance strategies and policies. Harmony Roze Compliance Manager notifies managers when an employee’s status changes to full time or part time, when an employee is approaching eligibility, and when an employee has scheduled hours that would put him or her over the eligibility limit.   Alerts can also be sent to employees to notify them that they are eligible for benefits. Additional rules can help you enforce schedules and maintain your preferred full-time/part-time employee mix.  A simple year-end process is followed to complete and finalize the IRS forms. Accurately completing the forms is a breeze with the auto-populate button that directly pulls required employee data into each form.


Harmony Roze comprehensive Leave Management capabilities that automate the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies.  The system automatically updates new rules and regulations as legislation changes, and U.S. Department of Labor FMLA form templates are kept up to date with the ability to auto-populate information at the push of a button.

This automated leave administration and tracking is configurable to match the needs of your organization to maintain balances, reduce errors caused by manual processes, and control absence costs. By removing manual tasks from the traditional leave management process, the Leave Manager module ensures accurate data and comprehensive visibility when tracking and managing employee leave. Configurable workflows and notifications streamline your internal leave request/approval processes.  Minimize unauthorized leave with email notifications that can be configured to manage entitlement balances like low balance, zero balance, and negative balance.


Harmony Roze delivers configurable workflows that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time.  Employees receive a prompt asking them to attest to whether they have taken mandated meal or rest breaks. It’s simple to customize the prompts to reflect applicable laws and policies, or to send automated notifications that alert employees of missed attestations. It also allows managers to monitor employee attestation status, run reports to identify trends, and simplify ongoing compliance.


Harmony Roze offers a comprehensive resource center that delivers up-to-date human resources, employee benefits and compensation, employment, and regulatory information.  It’s a treasure chest for HR and payroll professionals who want to stay informed about what’s happening in the world of HR and payroll.  There are over 15,000 documents with and average of 15 new documents every day, including law summaries, sample policies, forms, agreements, training checklists, and federal/state posters PDF’s.

ACA Management Feature Sheet

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ACA Management Features Sheet

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ACA Features Sheet

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