Nov 25
Nov 20

2021 Benefits Planning and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, its effects on benefits planning for next year are being felt—especially as open enrollment season approaches. In addition to considering plan design changes, employers are having to evaluate and adjust their benefits packages for 2021. To help you navigate this... read more →
Nov 18
Nov 16

Bidding Out A Health Plan: Pros and Cons

Employer-sponsored insurance plans are widely acknowledged as a valuable employee benefit, but also can be quite costly for employers. In an effort to manage tight budgets while still staying competitive in their recruiting and retention efforts, employers are always on the lookout for sensible... read more →
Nov 13
Nov 12
Nov 10

How To Educate Employees on Voluntary Benefits

Offering voluntary benefits does not only enhance your benefits package, but it differentiates your company from competitors and increases employee satisfaction. The best part is that they have very little impact on your budget. Although employers may choose... read more →
Nov 05
Oct 30
Oct 29

Overtime Concerns in a Remote Workplace

In the modern world of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, working outside of the office is effortless. As a result, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, granting remote work opportunities for employees was the obvious solution for most organizations. While... read more →