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The Need To Grow And Learn Is A Natural Human Instinct

Harmony Roze Learning Academy

Career Goals & Strengths

  • Employees want to understand their manager’s perception of the work they do and where it may be leading their career path.
  • The very best managers coach, motivate, and guide employees along a career path.
  • Invest time in getting to know your employees’ career goals and strengths to help match each one with the right opportunities to grow and develop.
Career Goals and Strengths
Harmony Roze Learning Academy

Inquiring Minds

Enhance employee career development, maintain productivity, and drive company culture with a customizable Learning Academy.

Personalized Development
Harmony Roze Learning Academy

Personalized Development

  • Create personalized development paths with your employees.
  • Check in on their progress often and ask them what they are learning and how they are applying it to their roles.
  • The need to learn and grow is a natural human instinct.
Harmony Roze Learning Academy
80% Of Workers Planning To look For A New Job Are Doing So Out Of Concern About Their Career Growth In Their Existing Job
Ensure your people are doing meaningful work and getting opportunities to grow Build and assign courses that meet the specific needs of your organization.
Harmony Roze Learning Academy

Recognize Your People For Learning Accomplishments And Progress

  • Real-time tracking allows you to easily track necessary skills and manage training opportunities.
  • Simple, drag-and-drop tools give you the ability to build and assign courses to employees.
  • Collaboration tools, social recognition, and badges enable you to engage employees.
Reflect Your Company Culture

Customize your Learning Academy with the ability to upload your company logo, cover image, and colors.

Content Creation

Bring your learning strategy to life by easily developing new content in-app, importing existing content, or linking out to external pages or videos.

Course Development

Simple, drag-and-drop tools give you the ability to build and assign courses to employees.

Harmony Roze Curated Courses

The Harmony Roze collections are specially curated to meet the needs of foundational learning across industries, and microlearning to address your everyday training needs.

Powerful Reporting

Gain visibility into important learning metrics across your organization.

Engaging Employee Experience – 2022 Roadmap

Give your employees access to a best-in-class learning experience and content at any time, via the mobile app.

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