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Make Engagement A Daily Process

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Everybody loves managers with great engagement skills….. that stick!

Everybody loves managers with great engagement skills….. that stick!

After the training ends, 90% of what your leaders were taught could be lost.

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Harmony Roze

Engagement That Can Be Measured

Explore the ways that Harmony Roze can help drive Engagement in your organization.
Harmony Roze Engagement Tools

What happens when engagement tools are embedded into your daily operations?

Harmony Roze HR Platform gives you the tools and techniques for embedding, managing, measuring and understanding engagement within your organization.

Empower Your People
  • Enhanced Employee Profile
  • People Self Service
  • Mobile App

Embed Accountability

6. Performance Analytics pexels-yan-krukov-7691675
Performance Analytics & Insights

A guide to developing long-term workforce strategies based on emerging trends, predictive forecasts and AI-generated insights.

Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance

Consistent attendance policy enforcement can have an enormous impact on your organization affecting costs, productivity and even morale. 





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Compliance Management

Instill confidence in your people with consistent, clear operational practices that ensure activities across your organization are in line with laws, regulations, and requirements.

Build Trust

Career & Learning Academy

Let employees know that their growth matters – personal career development maintains productivity and drives company culture

Provide a boost to employee engagement by allowing workers to be heard and know that their voice matters.  

Fair and consistent policy enforcement helps to build trust.  Resentment can occur when there is a perception of special treatment.

Harmony Roze

Attract, Retain, and Reward


Increase compliance and gain greater visibility into benefits process while providing a better employee experience



Create a company cultural experience for your new hires while reducing time to productivity and increasing retention

Payroll & Payroll Services

Payroll is your Employee Engagement secret weapon! 



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Future-Proof Your Operations

Get the workforce management solution that prepares you and your team for whatever comes next.