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Hotels & Resorts
Restaurants & Bars
Spas & Personal Service Venues
Social Clubs & Athletic Clubs



Employee Profile

Enter Data Once and Done!!

Store and track all employee data in your centralized HR database, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry, data inconsistency, and risk of non-compliance.



Simplify Life!
Do away with the tedious and annoying tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Harmony Roze Timekeeping Solution helps you engage your workforce as you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.
TLM Dashboard

” The scheduling software is a huge improvement over paper… I really like the ability to schedule staff and push the schedule via the phone app, it has been a huge help. “

Terry D.

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen



Acquire Talent Effectively.
Harmony Roze provides an easy-to-use experience for candidates and hiring managers. Our automated solution helps you recruit, screen, track, and hire, and on-board best-fit candidates so that you may build a more engaged and productive workforce.
recruitment dashboard



Talent Dashboard
Identify and Develop Top Talent
Enable your managers to continuously monitor employee goals and deliver ongoing feedback. Layer on Harmony Roze Succession Planning tools to help you build talent pools for the future.



Payroll Register
Process Perfect Payroll!
Identify issues and collaborate with workflows and email alerts that flag issues so that you avoid inevitable payroll issues.

” Payroll processing is much easier with Harmony Roze.”

Verona B.

Payroll Administrator

Compliance & Risk Management


Compliance Tasks?….Done!
Integrated tools across timekeeping, HR, and payroll support proactive management of ACA compliance strategy and IRS reporting.

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We Understand Business.  We Understand Technology.

These days more than ever, SMBs must turn to technology to help streamline business processes and to develop new channels, offerings, partnerships and business models to keep pace with worldly demands, customer expectations and competitive forces.  But when you rely on manual, semi-automated, or disparate systems, inefficient processes can be counterproductive, frustrate your people and, even worse, lead to retention issues.

The truth of the matter is HR professionals can’t develop and engage a modern workforce if platform challenges are keeping them from successfully doing their jobs. A technology solution that gives HR the visibility to see the bigger picture can help them become a better partner to the business, and more easily manage and engage your organization’s most valuable asset:  your people.

Our Mission

Our mission is

to offer a complete range of

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for developing, managing, and protecting

the most important resource

in the world

– the Human Resource