Why Choose Us bianca@harmonyroze.com June 24, 2022

Why Choose Us


Our #1 focus is customer satisfaction! The way we hire, motivate, compensate, and structure our teams is around service. Others take more of a call center approach to how they measure and motivate their teams. We never want our team to feel rushed when they are working with you. There are no red blinking lights saying they’ve been on a call too long – the metrics we use instead are whether we are doing the right thing for customers and getting their problem solved right then and there.

How do we do that?

– Its in the people we hire. We look for those who have a service orientation – people that get personal value from helping others. We find that if we hire people like that and teach them the application they naturally figure out the right thing to do for our customers. We believe high retention of great service oriented people means putting them in front of customers and empowering them to solve problems – not monitor them with a red flashing light – let them serve customers not some manager metric.


– We look for domain knowledge because we first want our staff to understand what you are trying to accomplish from a business perspective. Once we know that, the solution in the application is usually easy. Other companies focus on the application first. The tends to lead to the technically correct answer but not necessarily the best for you and your business.


– You get a Designated Success Duo who will be backed by a team of experts. You know who to call when you have a problem. You will not be passed from person to person in the typical round-robin fashion that too many of us have experienced before. Your Duo will work together to get your questions answered and issues resolved, as they tap into the expert resources we have at our disposal. Your Designated Success Duo is responsible for YOUR overall experience.


– Add to all of that an active community of users, regular webinars on what’s new, a deep knowledgebase of information available to you and you get the Carrera Lee difference – a philosophy and approach to how we build our teams and serve our customers.