5 Employee Wellness Trends to Watch bianca@harmonyroze.com September 29, 2022

5 Employee Wellness Trends to Watch

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As we navigate towards the end of 2020, how are you feeling? This is an important question to consider since wellness will continue to be a huge factor for companies through 2021.
Now more than ever, wellness is a hotly debated topic, and it’s certainly not going anywhere in the coming year. In fact, 76% of employees think their workplace has a responsibility for their health and well-being, according to a MetLife survey. And according to Gallup, 87% of employees expect their company to help them balance their work and personal lives. These statistics show how much employees expect their workplaces to commit to their wellness. With this expectation in mind, here are five popular employee wellness trends to look out for:
Holistic Plan Designs
One way employers are investing in wellness is through more holistic plan designs. These are benefits plans that help address all aspects of the body and mind. These plans include access to not only physicians, but also mental health professionals and assistance for dealing with stress and depression. Using this method allows companies to focus more on metrics like employee satisfaction and retention, rather than one-size-fits-all health plans. According to MetLife, 55% of employees would be more interested in working for a company with access to these benefits.
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Tailored Health Portals
Many employees use the internet for researching and coordinating their health care. Oftentimes, this is done through point solutions. For example, an employee with diabetes may look for websites or applications that focus specifically on managing that. However, this usually requires employees to reenter their personal information into multiple sites. Employers are now moving away from point solutions, opting instead for tailored platforms. These platforms house employee data and offer access to a variety of health solutions. From such a portal, employees could locate a doctor, research a condition or review their health plan coverages all in the same place. Depending on the platform, employers can work with vendors to include solutions based on their employees’ unique needs.
Social Enrichment Programs
A common thread in workplace surveys for years has been the employee’s desire for meaningful work—people want what they do to matter. This isn’t always easy, depending on the line of work, so employers are offering ways to give back. Some companies partner with nonprofit organizations to help fundraise, and others provide an allotment of paid “volunteer days” for employees to use throughout the year. Regardless of the approach, your commitment to social enrichment is what matters to employees.
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Financial Wellness Resources
Employees can often face financial stressors. To combat this, some employers offer financial wellness programs to help reduce these stressors. These programs can include personal financial planning meetings, tuition reimbursement, seminars and payday loan assistance. The idea is to offer enough services for anyone in your workforce to take advantage of, no matter their financial situation
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for years, and we’re seeing it weave deeper into the fabric of the workplace. For example, employers can use AI to:
  • Help employees choose the right benefits plans based on their lifestyle.
  • Track complex data like engagement and performance.
  • Monitor abstract trends.
Wherever 2021 may lead, you can guarantee AI will be there.
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If you want to take care of your employees and attract new ones, consider investing in your wellness programs. First, evaluate your current initiatives, then think about ways to improve them. Be sure to reach out to employees and see what they find most valuable. Feel free to contact us for more wellness program ideas or for ways to get started.
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