In Case You Missed It September 30, 2022

In Case You Missed It

If you were not able to attend one of the wonderful webinars we have shared in the past, this post is for you! Below we have linked recordings to past webinars. Click on our Events page to find upcoming webinars, and check back to this post in case you miss one.
Four Critical Handbook Policies for 2020 and How to Make Them Work
As a result of social movements and the pandemic, employers are paying much more attention to their workplace policies. In this 1-hour webinar, attorney and HR expert Douglas Kelly will cover four handbook policies that employers must have for 2020 and beyond.
This webinar will also address:
  • Why updating policies is important
  • Making handbooks attractive to employees
  • Putting policies into action
To REPLAY Click here ->:Replay Link
How to Meet Your 2020 Anti-Harassment Training Requirements
Are you ready to train your employees on the new anti-harassment requirements for 2020?
Join our upcoming webinar for the latest updates on new and pending anti-harassment legislation, and best practices for meeting (and exceeding) the mandates within your organization.
During the webinar, attorney and compliance expert Jill Albrecht will share:
  • New training and policy requirements
  • Pending legislation
  • Key deadlines and effective dates for 2020
  • How you can meet the mandates in 2020
AIRED ON: July 30, 2020 TO REPLAY Click here ->: Replay Link
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