The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist September 30, 2022

The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist

Keeping track of new hires’ onboarding progress can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned HR team. That’s why we created the ultimate onboarding checklist. This checklist with help you navigate the onboarding process in a way that creates a welcoming atmosphere and a long-term relationship, and sets your new employees up for success. It can be used as a starting point for you to customize according to your own needs, whether it is for a hiring manager, manager, or mentor. From before the employee’s start date, straight through their first year, our checklist will walk you through every step.
This checklist is the blueprint for a successful and efficient onboarding process. When done the right way, your onboarding process can improve retention and save money, while building upon your company’s culture and brand. Use this checklist and our other onboarding resources to take your process to the next level.
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