Creating a Culture of Transparency and Trust

People Self- Services

People Self Service

Best In Class

As organizations strive to become best in class, they continue to automate workforce management processes, moving toward a complete solution that spans core HR, hiring, absence management, scheduling, self-service, and labor analytics. Recent research presents compelling evidence that this approach is a true driver of performance.

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“Technology is enabling organizations to go on a journey that starts with automation, and leads to integration, powerful analytics, and deep insight. By improving the accuracy of workforce data, technology allows greater visibility into key information that lets management make better, data-driven decisions.”1
1 Mollie Lombardi, Four Keys to Realizing a Total Return on Your Workforce Technology Investment Brandon Hall Group (sponsored by Kronos), July 2015, at 4.
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People Self Service

Convenient Self-Service

As baby boomers approach retirement and Millennials and Gen Z employees flood the workforce, users’ expectations for workplace technology are fundamentally changing. To attract and retain top talent, employers must provide tools that are intuitive, personalized, and always available. Employees want to complete their tasks from viewing schedules to swapping swifts to requesting time off. Quickly. Easily. Independently. If they can’t, they’ll raise the issue up the management chain or find another job that gives them this freedom and control.
People Self Service

Shift Swaps

If an employee wishes to work a shift other than the one for which they are currently scheduled, a great option for them to have is to request a Shift Swap. This allows users to swap with another employee so that they can still work the same number of hours while taking on a shift that is set for a different time, place, or skill.
Shift Swap
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People Self Service

Request For Coverage

If an employee wishes to give up a shift for which they are currently scheduled, the employee can submit a Request for Coverage. This is used when an employee wishes to have a peer work for them for a given shift without taking on another shift; which is essentially half of a Shift Swap.
People Self Service

Posting Open Shifts

As managers go through the normal process of scheduling, it is possible there could still be open shifts that exist on posted schedules and based on several factors, including:
  • Employees taking paid time off.
  • Not having enough employees to meet business demand.
  • Creation of new open shifts based on a sudden increase of business demand.
Since managers need to get these shifts assigned, they usually find more success when they are able to post these open shifts to employees so they can volunteer for the shifts they would like to take. Doing this can increase morale and can reduce the possibility of employees calling in to avoid working shifts for which they may have been assigned.
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People Self Service

Create A Culture Of Transparency And Trust

Providing employees and managers with a clear understanding of company policies applicable to overtime, absences, leave, scheduling, pay, and more, you create organizational trust, which leads to higher engagement and productivity. Self-service capabilities further promote transparency and trust by empowering employees to view information and perform routine tasks on their own, without having to go through managers or HR.

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