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Perfect Paycheck Every Time

Pay your people quickly, simply, and correctly so you can deliver the perfect paycheck every time. Smooth payroll operations support employee engagement initiatives and allow your staff to focus on higher-level business goals. However, the use of manual, outdated payroll processes can result in paycheck problems that can leave employees feeling frustrated and disengaged!
“Being paid is the definition of work. If you can’t get it right, really nothing else matters. And you have to get it right for compliance reasons, as well as for your employees. Nobody likes surprises, particularly when it comes to their money.”
Mollie Lombardi, Co-founder and CEO, Aptitude Research

Source:       Mollie Lombardi, Aptitude Index Report — Payroll Solutions, Aptitude Research Partners (June 2017), at 9

Key Benefits For Employees
  • Get easy, instant access and manage personal information, including direct deposit information.
  • View current and historical pay and benefits information at any time.
  • Better understand pay with a tool to model paychecks Complete and update government forms from any device Get push, email, or SMS notifications.
Harmony Roze Payroll

Help Your Managers

  • Empower your managers to manage by exception, reviewing and approving employee time daily, so pay accurately reflects employee time.
  • Proactively identify issues and collaborate with email alerts and robust workflows that flag issues to avoid the inevitable payroll problems.
  • Save time for you managers and supervisors, so they can focus more on revenue- generating activities, such as customer service or production quality.
Harmony Roze Payroll

Reducing Payroll Errors

Yes, getting payroll right every time is a challenge. But studies prove that getting it wrong can cost you in more ways than you may think.
  • 82 million: New employees who would leave their jobs if their first paycheck was wrong.1
  • 58% :U.S. workers and their families who live paycheck to paycheck. 2
  • 11% : Employees who are less than certain that payroll withholding and the net amount of their paycheck are correct each payday. 3
  • 67% : Employees who would find it difficult to meet current financial obligations if their next paycheck was delayed for a week. 4
  • 60%–80% : Average reduction in rate of payroll errors and time required for corrections with an automated system. 5


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Key Benefits For HR And Payroll Professionals
  • Increase payroll accuracy with a single solution for payroll, time, and HR.
  • Streamline payroll processing, and spend time on more important initiatives.
  • Improve compliance and mitigate risk with automatic updates to comply with the latest regulation changes.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of processing employee changes and updates.
  • Gain strategic insights through real-time reporting at the click of a button.

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